Current courses

Clock Repairing Course – Tutors – Tuesday Ron Rose FBHI – Wednesday James Marten

46 Weeks over 2 Terms. Courses run on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 18:30 to 21:30

Cost: £230.00 per term

This course covers all aspects of clock repairing. It is anticipated that members will bring along their own clock to work on and will get tuition to enable them to complete repairs to a high standard. In addition courses will be interspersed with lectures on horological theory so that students get a comprehensive training.


Basic Lathe Course – Tutor Alan White

One day from 10:00 to 16:00

Cost: £25.00

The course covers Health & Safety and the safe use of the Myford ML7 lathe and will include sharpening a lathe tool and look at the various tool shapes and types for turning brass and steel. You will be shown how to turn to a diameter and a shoulder. If sufficient time is available a simple bush will be made in brass.


Improver Lathe Course – Tutor Alan White

One day from 10:00 to 16:00

Cost: £25.00

This course is designed for those who have a lathe at home and want to improve their skills. You are expected to be familiar with the items covered in the Basic Lathe Course. The intention is to cover the steps involved in planning your work and arriving at the dimensions required. You will then sketch the object to be made and choose the correct material for the project. Finally you will make the item and hopefully use it in your workshop.


Clockmaking Project – Tutor James Marten

One weekend per month over two years

Cost: £20.00 per month.

Would you like to make a complete clock of your own choice in the company of others at the workshop? This will be for anyone with workshop experience and some basic facilities at home. We will spend one weekend per month for two years.

This is a project for experienced clockmakers and whilst James is there to offer advice it is expected that everyone will work together and learn from each other.



Tool Sharpening Course – Tutor Sid Lines MBHI

One day from 10:00 to 16:00

Cost: £20.00

This course covers all aspects of tool sharpening and will include lathe tools, gravers, broaches, taps, milling cutters, drills and even screwdrivers



Basic Clock Repairing – Tutor Rory McEvoy

10 Weeks Friday evenings from 18:30 to 21:30

Cost: £100.00

Students are expected to bring a timepiece with a lever platform escapement and the course will cover complete disassembly and care of the clock as well as instruction in the use of the watchmakers lathe.


Enquiries and Booking

The courses are only available to South London Branch members and details and dates will be published in the Branch Newsletter. If you have any questions please speak to one of our Committee Members at a Branch Meeting. They will be happy to help.


YouTube Videos

As well as our courses there are videos from one of our demonstration evenings on YouTube.

These include; Use of the Piercing Saw, Removal of a Mainspring using a Mainspring Winder and use of the Throws.

Take a look by following the link below.


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  1. Adam says:


    You have some extra space character before ‘https’ in youtube link. As a result the browser resolves it to ‘’ and not to (intended) ‘https:/’


  2. Ross Pendragon says:

    Hello There,
    My name is Ross Pendragon. I worked with Ron Rose when he was a member of the team at Strike One in Islington. Somehow I lost contact with Ron. Can you please give him my best regards and I’d like to leave my address and telephone number if I may. I’d like to contact Ron and say hello for old time sake. Thank you. Address: 108/3 M.6 Tambon Maret, Umper Samui, Surat Thani, 84310, Thailand. Phone: 66-98-890-8392
    Best, Ross Pendragon

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