Workshop & Library

The South London Branch is fortunate in having a fully equipped Clock and Watchmakers workshop.

Located in Caterham the workshop can accommodate up to ten students.

We have both a large lathe together with some smaller lathes, ultrasonic cleaning tank, pillar drills, wheel cutting facilities together with the usual tools of the trade.

Well lit benches and bright surroundings provide the ideal environment for quality work to be carried out.

However the workshop started out as an unused room with one light.

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It was transformed entirely by members of the South London Branch into the facility you see today.

A total of over 550 hours voluntary work was carried out between March and the end of May 2013 and the first course started in July.

A further extension was added in April 2014 to house the Branch Library containing over 250 horological books and magazines.


Learning the secrets of the straight line engine under Philip Whyte’s expert tutelage