June 1, 2017

June 1, 2017


Leigh Extence

For our June 1st meeting we welcome Leigh Extence from Exeter. Leigh is a third-generation antique dealer whose interest in the high quality workmanship of Drocourt and Jacot drove him to research the hidden depths of these esteemed carriage clockmakers.

In Leigh’s own words:

“In the early 1980s, whilst working with horological dealer and author Derek Roberts in Kent, I took an interest in Jacot carriage clocks, an interest that was to re-emerge some years later having set up on my own account as an antique clock dealer and consultant.
Having bought a rather rare example of a Jacot clock I decided to dig a little deeper and found that by comparison with other major clockmakers, that which had been written about the Jacot family was either rather scant or incorrect. I spent a number of years unearthing as much as I could about both the family and their clocks before holding an exhibition of some thirty examples in 2013. Having realised there was a previously unknown connection between the Jacot and Drocourt families I then undertook the same research for Drocourt and held a further exhibition of Drocourt clocks the following year.
My research has taken in the families, their working practices and their clocks and having undertaken this study I almost feel part of their lives; indeed on finding the death certificate of Pierre Drocourt I felt close to tears!
There have been many exciting surprises over the course of this research; being finally able to identify early pre-1860 ‘unsigned’ Henri Jacot carriage clocks was one, as was being able to verify the relationships with their movement makers; the Baveux and Holingue families of Saint-Nicolas-d’Aliermont, which has now become a further area of research.”

Leigh will be bringing along a number of rare and interesting Carriage Clocks to illustrate his talk.








Special note

The folowing wristwatches will be available to view ahead of auction before the talk commences:

5 item(s)

Monthly branch meetings are normally held at the The White Hart Barn in Godstone


(Godstone Village Hall)



7.30 pm for 8.00 pm Start

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